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Our founder Ray was a science major and athlete in school.  He went to Europe to play professional sports upon graduation.

While in Germany, he fell in love with and became passionate about the various styles of beers and wines that weren't readily available in the United States.


When he came home, he began working with his family (dad Bob, wife Anita, and kids Drea and Patrick) to create a brand of products that represented the full-bodied flavors that he experienced while in Europe but still had its own American flair.

After playing with different recipes and brand names, Big Ass Beers were trademarked and brought into the market.  A few years later, the Big Ass trademark was extended onto the full-bodied California wines.

Recently, Big Ass Brands, Inc. has been able to bring both the beer and wine products together under the same corporate banner.  We are excited for Big Ass Brands, Inc. to be able to provide authentic American made full-bodied beers and wines to our fans.

Cheers - Enjoy!


New Products

Big Ass Brands, Inc. is in the process of experimenting with new recipes and will post those soon.

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Big Ass is a registered trademark