Duke's Beer Rescue / Duke's Wine Heroes

Duke - the best dog ever ...

Duke's Beer Rescue(TM) and Duke's Wine Heroes(TM) started with Duke, our Saint Bernard.  

Duke was a rescue  (as all our pets are) who was a very special dog that came into our life and he filled a void that we did not even know we had.  He was very happy to be part of our family and he spread a lot of love and joy.

Duke's generous, loving, and giving personality brought us to start Duke's Beer Rescue and Duke's Wine Heroes with the intent of giving back to the many animal rescue organizations that help  dogs, cats, and all other animals find their forever home.  Our goal is to save 10,000 pets  by donating to those organizations.

With every Big Ass Brands, Inc. product purchase you help us  meet our goal to rescue animals. Duke is no longer with us but he would give you a big tail wag thank you.  Our family here at Big Ass Brands, Inc. thanks you for helping us pay it forward.

Saint Duke
Saint Duke